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Even if you don’t know what the Patterson-Gimlin film is, I think just about everybody has seen some part of it. It’s probably the most iconic image in cryptozoology. I suppose the Patterson film and the hoaxed image of the loch ness monster are tied for first. I’ve been interested in bigfoot, skunk ape, yeti, etc since my parents first told me about it some time in grade school.  Since bigfoot was my first entry point into the world of the unknown, it seems fitting that the designs start here too.

The finished design.

The finished design.

If you know anything about bigfoot sightings, you know that they have been seen in just about every state in the U.S., and there are variations in terms of its general appearance.  Some photos would suggest that the skunk ape is more orangutan looking than the famous bigfoot or sasquatch creature.  I just started with one of the most famous poses from the film and went from there.  I wanted all the designs in the shop to be as simple as possible, so I took the original image and basically sketched out the rough form as best I could.  I had intended for this design to be a flex or flock print, but my lines seemed a little too clean for what reports claim is a giant, hairy, smelly creature so I kind of roughed things up and added little jaggy edges in places and gave him a couple eye holes.  Well at this point Spreadshirt rejected my design for flex printing.  You have to follow their design standards for flex or the machine wont actually be able to reproduce the picture.

It was still looking a little plain to me at this point, so I added a painted texture from my library and threw in some crack lines in illustrator.  I haven’t received my prototype from Spreadshirt yet, but so far this is how I’m leaving it.

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